Serendipitous Dubai

One of the highlights of Dubai was catching up with the old Vodafone crew at the ever so hospitable Tim and Ali’s. Who could imagine that so many ex-Vodafone people would be in the same place at the same time! Our paths crossing the same weekend in Dubai!

It was so good to reminisce about the good old days at Vodafone and how we have so many fun memories, it is so easy to be together even after all these years.

It was lovely for Petra, Bethany and Benjamin to spend some time together too, bonding over Peppa Pig!

Thanks Tim and Ali for a lovely BBQ, always a pleasure to see the Williams’!

We also had the chance to see Julie and meet Amelia for the first time. A quick play in the park and cocktail and Julie was off for her birthday meal. Lovely to see you Julie and all the best with your growing family. 🙂

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