Camping in Rotorua (written from the warmth of a cabin…)

We decided to try camping in a tent for the first time in New Zealand. All the beautiful outdoor scenery and summer weather makes it a perfect opportunity! We bought ourselves an inflatable Torpedo 7 tent and headed to Rotorua. Putting up the tent was a super easy team effort with the kids taking in turns to pump the poles and hammer the pegs.

However the first night in the tent I was freezing! I had no pillow and at one point I thought I might cry I was so cold. Bethany got into bed with us too because she was cold. Ben it seems, sleeps through anything! Future mountain climber?

On the third day camping after a morning Duck ride around Rotorua and the lakes which was super fun. Ben loved being in the water and was obsessed with the propellers and white water. We told the kids how our wedding guests had arrived in a Duck. So after the Duck we went to town and I bought a jumper because not sure if I already mentioned that even though it is summer, it’s unusually COLD! It was then that Russell checked the weather for the next week and told me it had been 5 Celsius the two nights we slept out, no wonder I was freezing. The next week’s weather forecast was 5-10 Celsius at night and rain. I said, we’ve got to move!

So at 4pm we went back to our Rotorua Top10 campsite and asked if we could check out with the kids early. They were super kind and refunded the rest of our stay, yay! We were against the clock trying to pack up before the cold and rain set in. So we strapped the kids in their car seats with the iPad watching Peppa Pig, it worked a treat! Whilst they got square eyes Russell and I packed up all our stuff, I tipped a bottle of milk over all our veggies and dry foods so spent 30 minutes washing and drying everything, then there was a torrential rain shower so I hid in the car whilst Russell packed inside the tent. But with all this, how long do you think it took us to pack up?? Only 1 hour 30 minutes, of course we are looking to improve on this time!

One thing our tent does seem to have got immensely bigger, like a third of our boot bigger… Now we are happily installed at Holden Bay Holiday Park, I say happily because honestly I’m glad we aren’t in a tent freezing in what has now turned into ‘severe weather‘ warnings… One thing I’ll say is Holden Bay is a fabulous spot for plane spotters! It’s like the start of Star Wars when the Star Destroyer comes in filling the top of the screen…

Aaar whatever, you can’t have it all… haha

But undeterred we are back to camping on Monday night! Lake Taupo Top 10 here we come.

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