When in New Zealand. Sheep

Where can you learn all about the 19 types of sheep, see one being sheared and feed a baby lamb?! New Zealand of course! A place where there are 6 sheep per person

The Agrodome saw its 10 millionth visitor in 2013 and has loads to do. We decided on the Farm Show.

Bethany was in a lamb feeding competition and clearly her feeding technique surpassed the others as she was most impressed to be the winner! Anyone who knows Bethany knows that for her the most important thing is to win!

A quick shear of a sheep and a dog herding ducks and the show was over. So much fun had by us all!


We had a lovely walk through the Redwood trees in the afternoon, these beautiful trees sheltered us from the rain and meant the kids had chance to run off some energy. 19.30 they are both in bed, we are totally winning today. 🙂

The actually conversation from Ben below was ‘it’s a volcano’. And we thought Bethany was obsessed…

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