Let's go take a helicopter…

Snow Landing above Tasman Glacier

The kids love helicopters and so do we! So much fun to fly up a mountain and run around on some snow! And with Helicopter Line the kids fly for free! This time it was to see the Tasman Glacier and Mount Cook. We had such a great time, Ben Gaius really hit it off with the crew and was running after the ‘helicopter man’ who gave our safety briefing. We had a great pilot who told us all about the extreme sheep herding where they take the back seats out of the helicopter and fly the shepherd and their sheepdogs up the mountain to bring the sheep down, they also feed the sheep by dropping hay bales to them on the mountains, now that is extreme sheep rearing!

Heli Haka

Hannah & Ben Gaius Heli adventure

It’s a bit windy…

Coolest Pilot

Aoraki / Mount Cook is the biggest mountain in New Zealand at 3,724 m and we had a fabulous view from our 10th floor window at The Hermitage. Here is a time-lapse video of the Mount Cook sunset.

In the afternoon we walked to the Tasman Glacier, well I say walked, I carried Bethany most of the way and Ben Gaius has a tendency to veer off the path so takes some close supervision! At the top we were astonished to see how much the glacier had retreated over the years and that the icebergs were really tiny now. Ben Gaius insisted on holding my hands and walking backwards down the mountain, and for the last 100 metres we had to “fly” past a bus load of Japanese tourists who were delighted with his antics. Bethany is still talking about how her and daddy won the trophy to get to the bottom first. Ben won the backwards trophy. Maybe he will be an abseiler one day I wonder…

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