A True Story – Around the World in 80 Playgrounds!


When we were researching places to stay, we would always have the kids in mind. Did the house/hotel have a garden to run in, was there a swimming pool, play area and so on.

One of the first things on our list when we arrived in a new town was to find the Playground, so this means that we saw A LOT of Playgrounds in the 8 months we travelled around the world. I spoke to other families travelling with young kids and we would always exchange info on Playgrounds, kid-friendly cafes and restaurants. We found some real gems. And it is here that I will share them with you. I hope that someday we can have a global resource of Playgrounds, so anytime families arrive in a new town they can find the local playground to meet and connect with other families.

Coming soon… Photos and locations of lots of Playgrounds… 🙂