Snake bites and spiders – An Ozzie First Aid course

It’s been a few years since I’ve done a first aid course and I figured better to do one in Oz and learn about all the many creepie crawlies and slithery snakes that can poison us!

It was a great refresher course in first aid for kids and I can know also wrap a snake bite, treat a spider bite and reduce pain from a blue-ringed octopus! Hopefully I will never need to use these new found skills!!

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I've got a new mole! Uuur that's not a mole…

We have found the wonderful Whiteman Park for the kids and have been there several times for a really good play, kick around (see nannan in goal!) and a tram ride to the mussel pool. Yesterday we came home with an unexpected addition to the family… a tick, my very first! He had latched himself on to my tummy… Thanks to Ally’s careful removal here it is in one piece!

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Mullets and tatts

So a night out in the burbs of Western Australia (WA). My sister’s local bar had a Guns n Roses tribute act.

Amazed by the mullets, the tatts and the dancing.

Brought home the difference in culture with WA being a truckers / biker place, so far removed from the life we are used to!

Hannah just wanted to get amongst it all !

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When your creche is so delicious you just wanna eat it…

Bethany and Ben-Gaius go to the most amazing creche in Luxembourg Crèche Cannelle et Caramel. We were really sad to say goodbye to them, they are our creche family. Here are a few photos of Bethany and Ben-Gaius’ farewell parties. See you soon!

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Ditched some luggage and headed to Dubai

People keep asking us ‘how do you pack for 10 months away?’ The honest answer is we don’t know. We have had a steep learning curve with this one!

Dragging two big suitcases, two rucksacks, a pram with tired children across Paris to our hotel after a mis-google of our distances made us decided that we had to cull an entire case. And that is just the start. I am hoping this adventure will help us realise how little we really need! My dad is now safely storing our dark blue castaway bag.

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Serendipitous Dubai

One of the highlights of Dubai was catching up with the old Vodafone crew at the ever so hospitable Tim and Ali’s. Who could imagine that so many ex-Vodafone people would be in the same place at the same time! Our paths crossing the same weekend in Dubai!

It was so good to reminisce about the good old days at Vodafone and how we have so many fun memories, it is so easy to be together even after all these years.

It was lovely for Petra, Bethany and Benjamin to spend some time together too, bonding over Peppa Pig!

Thanks Tim and Ali for a lovely BBQ, always a pleasure to see the Williams’!

We also had the chance to see Julie and meet Amelia for the first time. A quick play in the park and cocktail and Julie was off for her birthday meal. Lovely to see you Julie and all the best with your growing family. 🙂

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Midnight feasts!

Our kids are struggling to adapt to the timezone and have found that midnight feasts are the way forward.

We were a little worried about Weetabix not being the same as what they know & love, but they have been tucking into the Aussie / NZ version with abandon.

The record so far is 3.5 Weet-Bixs, not quite up there with Steve Smith and his 4 a day!

BTW – Who stole the “a”?

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Pool Time

Helen & Eamonn's Pool

First dip in the pool at Russell’s sister Helen and husband Eamonn’s. Bethany’s first time swimming with a noodle! She now has a Frozen lifejacket and it embracing life as a water baby.

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Atlantis – it isn't a myth!


We decide to splash out at the start of our trip and are staying at the Atlantis Palm! Our room is a 93 sqm Terrace Club Suite so that means we get extras included in our stay, so basically we had all our snacks and a happy hour drink each evening with unlimited Water park and Aquarium entry. The Kids Club was included with organised activities, but we simply didn’t have time to use it.

The hidden gem of the Atlantis and no where was this mentioned in any reviews is that… Our suite looks out on an aquarium full of sharks, manta rays and hundreds of fish! At night it is lit up, giving us a chance to have an incredible chill opportunity before bed with Bethany and Benjamin. We also have the monorail station which you might not think at all glam, but with two train loving Globe Toddlers it is a huge bonus to watch a train pull up at the station.


The Aquarium is well worth a visit, the kids loved it and Bethany kept asking to get in the tank! We saw two albino alligators, and Gill from Nemo. In fact we spent most of the visit trying to Find Nemo!


A lazy river with some serious rapids which meant Ben got a face full of water! Bethany on the other hand wanted to go again! I told her she was an ‘Adrenalin Junkie’ and she said ‘No I’m not, I’m Bethany’! Haha this girl defies any label.

Lazy River Waterpark Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis Hotel Dubai

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Paris here we come!

After some procrastination and way too many internet searches we took the plunge and bought our tickets to start out journey! We start off for Paris this Friday 11th November 2016 on the TGV. I am so excited but a little daunted by the idea of packing our bags for a year!

Wish us luck!

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